Our Services

Hardwood Floor Parquet

From the mind-bogglingly intricate to elegantly simple, we can create floor parquets that fit seamlessly with your desires. A parquet is “a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect”, it is also a representation of you and your homes personality and style.  A minimalistic parquet design made of a red-tinted heart and pine wood may bring out a sense of warmth and cheeriness whereas an ornate parquet may add a dash of complexity or professionalism to the feel of your home or corporate building. Like a fingerprint, every single one of our parquet designs are unique which also ensures that when choosing us, you will be setting yourself apart from the rest.

Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing is a task that really does take professional skill if it is to be done right the first time.  We can take the most uncared for floors and make them look brand new again. By following a specific process of preparation, sanding, buffering, coating and staining we bring out the long lost beauty in your wood.

Custom Installations

You say it and we do it. Here at Custom Hardwood Floors, there are no boundaries in what we are able to accomplish. We perform all types of flooring installations for all varieties of residential and commercial buildings.  Though it is not only flooring services we provide. We also specialize in customizing your bathrooms by installing custom sinks, bathtubs, tiling and whatever else it is that you can think of. If you need new countertops, we can also do custom countertops of any shape or size.

Engineered Flooring

An engineered hardwood floor looks a lot like a regular hardwood floor except there are some major differences between the two. An engineered floor has various layers of plywood backing it which add more stability. They respond very well to humid conditions, and expand and contract very little. Depending on the amount and type of ply layers used, the way an engineered floor behaves can vary a lot. We can tailor each engineered floor to respond specifically to your needs.

Wide Plank Floor

A wide plank floor has the ability to make a house finally feel like a home. They are timeless and can be considered to be the greatest luxury in wood floors. From red oak, white oak, heart pine, walnut and many more the possibilities for the look and feel of your wide plank floor are limitless. We take pride in the genuine smiles we give to our client’s faces whenever a wide plank flooring project is completed.

Impact Sound Control

It can be very annoying living downstairs having to hear the noisy foot steps up above, or trying to sleep in bed only to be constantly awoken by siblings walking around the house late at night.
The repetitive sound of feet on the floor can be quite disturbing, fortunately there is a solution. We can custom install floors that can greatly reduce the noise made by feet on the ground, providing the silence and peace of mind you need.


We not only offer high quality flooring, but also high quality counter tops as well. There is nothing like a nice and sleek marble counter top to go along with that elegant marble floor, or a smooth hard granite counter top to match that classy and durable granite floor. Just like all over our other products we offer a wide variety of countertop’s such as granite, laminate, formica and corian to name a few. 

Custom Bathrooms

We not only specialize in installing floors, but we are also professionals in custom bathroom installations as well. Along with doing all the tiling on the walls and floors, we can install custom bathtubs, sinks, toilets and counters.

Carpet Installation

If a hardwood floor is not your desire, then maybe a soft and comfortable carpet is. We do installations of all types of carpet as well with some very affordable rates.